3 Unique Locations

Each of our locations features its own charismatic take on the axe throwing, beer flowing brand.

Downtown Buffalo


K2 Bros brewing
at Hatchets & Hops





Official K2 Brothers Brewing SATELLITE tap room.

Come on Down to the Black Rock Freight House

Located in the Black Rock Freight House this 3,000 sqft space offers a rustic atmosphere in an up and coming neighborhood on the West Side of Buffalo.

HH Black Rock hosts 8 throwing targets, 10  beers on draft from our friends at K2 BROTHERS BREWERY and a fire–pit on our patio that can be enjoyed at any time of the year.

Join The League!

The Time is Now

Have you been looking for a way to make some new friends, learn a new skill, and bask in the envy of everyone in your old life? This is your destiny calling you, and it’s holding an axe.

Some have said that the Hatchets and Hops Axe Throwing League is the single moment they can trace back to greatness. Former league members have allegedly gone on to be high powered CEOs, professional mini-golf champions, visitors to the moon, and in one case a successful prime ministerof a commonwealth... whatever that means.

Now, we aren’t guaranteeing a visit to space, or political rule, but we are guaranteeing that our axe throwing league is the most fun and exciting way to make new friends, master a new skill, and drink beers and throw axes withcool people.

It is time for you to start your journey to greatness. What are you waiting for?

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