Before finalizing your booking, please take a moment to read our Terms & Conditions, as well as our Twelve-Point Safety Policy. By agreeing, you are certifying that you and all the members of your group which will be attending the session have thoroughly read and understand the below.



All individuals in your group must be 21 years of age or older. This age limit applies to both entrance to the facility as well as participation in axe throwing sessions, and is strictly enforced. All individuals arriving for axe throwing sessions must be free of the influence of any substances or will be denied entry without a refund. This means if we at any point deem you to be a safety issue, we will cut you off and keep your money. For real. Obstructive clothing such as brimmed hats, scarves, and hooded sweatshirts are discouraged in the facility. It is suggested that you remove these items before participating in the axe throwing. All participants must be wearing closed-toe shoes.


Booking a session for your group requires a 25% deposit which is used toward the total cost of your group session. For groups under 6 - the entire amount of the session must be paid upon booking. All sales are final. This deposit is not refundable, even in the event of a cancellation. However in the event that you cannot attend your scheduled session and must reschedule, it may be transferred to another date. Please note that failure to follow the cancellation policy below will result in the loss of your deposit.

Due to high demand and special features to the booking for special events and holiday time slots, the entire balance of your event is billed upon booking and is non-refundable. Please note that prices for these special events may vary from normal lane pricing.

Please note that if one or more individual members of your group booking must cancel or does not show up, your group remains responsible for the full amount of the booking with the original group size. Simply put the number of people you book for is the number of people you will be charged for. The individual that booked the group will be responsible for the full payment of the event. The card that was used to make the deposit will be the same card that the remaining balance will automatically be charged to. It is the responsibility of the individual that booked the event to request payment from the members of their group.


Please understand that we maintain a strict cancellation policy for the benefit of our customers and crew. We have limited slots available for sessions at our facility. A minimum notice of 2 weeks is required for all rescheduled sessions. With this notice, customers may reschedule and transfer their deposit to their new session date. However, failure to provide us with this notice will result in the full remaining balance of your event being charged to your credit card. If your session is booked in under 2 weeks, we cannot accept cancellations. One or two extra participants, on the other hand, can usually be added if you let us know ahead of time.


We ask that all participants in your group arrive fifteen (15) minutes before your time slot to ensure they are checked in and ready to throw when your session starts. Because we combine small groups for an optimized experience, lateness often impacts more than just your party. If your entire group has not arrived by fifteen (15) minutes after your scheduled time slot, your time slot may be forfeited and given away for use by another group. Please respect everyone involved and arrive on-time.


We operate our axe throwing sessions in a deliberately intimate club setting. Please note that the purchase of lanes is due to our small size and capacity. Unlike bowling, “lanes” are not a guarantee of a private experience – it is simply a point of reference due to your group size. The goal of the Hatchets & Hops experience is to bring people together, cross boundaries, and step outside of your comfort zone. We are a social club – any group may be combined with one or more other groups to optimize your experience. This especially applies if your entire party is not present for the event. Trust us, it’s this way for a reason – fun! If you are interested renting out our facility for a private event, please contact us at hello@hatcehtsandhops.com and we would be happy to discuss this with you.

Liability Waiver & Releases

All patrons must thoroughly read and sign a liability waiver upon entrance into our facility. This waiver also includes a photo release.

Billing & Group Size

The deposit paid upon booking is put toward the total cost of your group session. Example: The minimum cost of a session for each group of six (6) persons is $240, even if one of the people in your group does not show up. The remaining balance of your total (after your deposit) will be billed to your credit card on the day of your event. Please note that groups of less than 12 people will likely be combined with another group to optimize your experience. Please note that if one or more individual members of your group booking must cancel or does not show up, your group remains responsible for the full amount of the booking with the original group size.

Special Events & Holidays

For Special Events and Holiday group sessions, the total cost of your event is billed upon booking – you will not owe a balance the date of your event. Please note that prices for these special events may vary from normal lane pricing. Promotional Codes and other discounts are not valid for special event pricing. If you book during a special event time slot using a promo code – the full balance of the special event session pricing will be due on the date of your event.


We serve beer, wine, mead and cider for purchase during your throwing event. Food and beverages are not included in your axe-throwing session and are sold separately. We reserve the right to wait to complete growler fills until the conclusion of your group’s event.

12-Point Safety Policy

Safety is first in mind with everything we do at Hatchets & Hops. It is important to us that you carefully read and understand everything below for your time with us. Please be aware that any violation of our safety policies or other unsafe behavior by any member of your group may result in you being unable to participate in your event, and/or removal from the facility by our instructors. Your event fee will not be refunded.


Please wear properly-fitting clothing which allows you good range of motion. Closed-toed shoes are REQUIRED for anyone entering the throwing area. Participants without closed-toed shoes will not be admitted into the throwing area. Loose clothing such as hooded sweatshirts, shawls, scarves, and accessories can also create unsafe conditions by limiting mobility and/or snagging on objects during your event. Please refrain from wearing these to our facility. For the same reason, brimmed hats are also discouraged. Of course we expect that in particular seasons and weather conditions some patrons may arrive wearing these items – but please remove them prior to entering the throwing area. Your instructor will exercise their discretion when meeting your group – and you may be asked to remove any clothing items or accessories which could present a safety risk. We trust you and your group will use good judgment here!

While Throwing

You will be instructed in safety guidelines, throwing technique, and the structure of play upon arrival.

NEVER enter the throwing area until given permission to do so by your instructor.

NEVER cross the throwing line until both axes in your bay have come to rest either in the target or on the floor.

NEVER throw until both participants in your bay are behind the throwing line.

NEVER leave the throwing bay with an axe.

Food and beverages are not allowed inside the throwing bays. Please place them on the ledges outside the bay walls before entering. You will receive direction from your instructor on all other safety rules at the beginning of your event.


Follow all directions given by our instructors and other staff. Should you forget a safety rule, you will receive friendly but firm reminders from them. However, repeated failure to follow safety rules may result in your removal from the throwing area and/or facility. Please take their direction seriously, as all rules are in place for your safety.

Roughhousing & Horseplay

We ask that all participants behave in a responsible and adult manner. We are here to have fun, but safety must come first. Our instructors will issue warnings for any roughhousing or horseplay. Repeated warnings may result in removal from the throwing area and/or the premises.


We ask that you arrive for your event alert and free from the influence of any substances, including alcohol. Please be aware that arrival under the influence may result in removal from the throwing area and/or the facility by our instructors. Our instructors reserve the right to remove any individual they deem to have arrived for their event under the influence of alcohol or any other substances. This removal may be from either the throwing area or the facility. Should this occur, please realize that they are doing so not only for your safety, but for that of your group, other groups, and our staff.


The use of tobacco products is not permitted in the H&H facility. This is for the safety and comfort of our staff and other customers. Please refrain from the use of cigarettes, cigars, chewing tobacco, as well as e-cigarettes and other similar products during your time with us. Should you wish to take a break from your event and do so, please do so outside at a respectful distance from our entrance.


All throwing tools are provided at our facility. Patrons may not bring their outside axes or any other throwing implements into our facility. Anyone doing so will be asked to return the item to their home or vehicle before entering.

In Summary:

1. Closed-toed shoes are required to throw. No loose clothing, hoodies, or brimmed hats.
2. Follow ALL instructor directions.
3. Never enter the throwing area without permission from an instructor.
4. Never cross the throwing line until both axes in your bay are at rest.
5. Never throw until both participants in your bay are behind the throwing line.
6. Never leave the throwing bay with an axe.
7. No food or beverages in the throwing bays.
8. No roughhousing or horseplay.
9. Arrive sober.
10. Drink responsibly during your event.
11. Refrain from using tobacco products or e-cigarette products in our facility.
12. No, you cannot bring your own axe.

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