Frequently Axed Questions

We Get it.

This whole axe throwing thing is really different. How does this all work? Let us take a crack at addressing some of the common questions that we get…

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Do you take reservations?

So… you take walk-ins?

Can two people book?

What are your hours?

Do you serve alcohol?

Do you serve liquor?

I am hungry… feed me?

How much is it?

Where do I park?

How long is my event?

Is this a private club? Or can anyone just come by?

Group based you say? How many of my posse should come along?

I see you’ve got specific time slots. Do you hold me to that?

Our event is booked! But, something’s come up and we can’t make our date.  What now?

I booked the deposit and I’m bringing a bunch of my friends, can we split the balance?

Some of the folks in my group bailed. Should I cancel? Can I cancel?

Some of my friends got jealous, and want to come throw after I already booked… can I add people?

Do I have to be a burly hulk of a man-bear to do this?

Is there an age limit?

Can I come watch my friends if I am not throwing?

Axes and Beer? Okay so talk to me about this safety thing.

So, we should pre-game before this thing?

Can I bring my own axe?

Do you guys throw knives?

Do you have leagues?

Do you have Gift Certificates?