Axe Wagon

The Rover. The Wheels. The traveler.

All armies need a cavalry

Axe Wagon is the machine we ride into battle… except this battle field is in your back yard, a parking lot, or even the loft of a barn. If you are looking for us to bring the party to you we will load this puppy up with one of our mobile targets and set it up where ever you need us.

Is your wedding kind of cool but you are trying to impress your guests with something other than “Sweet Caroline” or your company event needs some team building that isn’t talking about expense reports at every outing – let us handle the fun.

Book this shit – and throw axes wherever you are!


Do I throw IN the truck?

How much space do you need?

What if it rains?

How many/few people do I need?

How much time do I need?

How far will you drive?

Do I have to wear anything special?

What are your hours?

Do you serve alcohol?

I am hungry… feed me?

How much is it?

Do I have to be a burly hulk of a man-bear to do this?

Is there an age limit?

Axes and Beer? Okay so talk to me about this safety thing.

So, we should pre-game before this thing?

Can I bring my own axe?

Do you guys throw knives?

Do you have Gift Certificates?

Where to?

Use this quick lil’ form to request a quote for our Axe Wagon.

Basic Info

Event Info

Open Throw – We bring the axes and targets. You do your thing.
Tournament – Our team will help yours navigate some friendly competition.
Build Your Own – Tell us what you’re thinking and we’ll do our best.

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