Do We Have Food!?

Checkout our Great Grub and Bangin' beers on our menu.

Preparation is key to a heroic performance

At Hatchets and Hops we realize that with some beer drinking and axe throwing you are probably going to need to prime the pump with some food.

We have you covered here. It has been said that “HH is world renowned, revered, and a trend setter in all of Italy” for our brilliant ability to sling axes and toss pizza doughs. Each of our pizza offerings are hand tossed, and cooked to perfection by highly skilled professionals. If a pizza seems like too much food for you, you may want to reevaluate your life… or just order something that is a little smaller, maybe nachos or soft pretzels.

“I ate one of their pizzas, and became a millionaire overnight”
– Some Guy, probably

These are Our Menus

Local beers, local food, Local Fun.

The Original Staple

Hatchets and Hops is the first U.S. Based Axe Throwing Club to open in the country.

Downtown Buffalo




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