Axe Throwing, For Everyone

You Have Options!

All Armies Need a Cavalry

Axe Wagon is the machine we ride into battle… except this battle field is in your back yard, a parking lot, or even the loft of a barn. If you are looking for us to bring the party to you we will load this puppy up with one of our mobile targets and set it up where ever you need us.

Is your wedding kind of cool but you are trying to impress your guests with something other than “Sweet Caroline” or your company event needs some team building that isn’t talking about expense reports at every outing – let us handle the fun.

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The Moving Target

Your journey to greatness just got a little bit easier. We are partnering with your favorite bars, breweries, event spaces, festivals, and maybe even your uncles weird shed he turned into a “man-cave” to bring axe throwing closer to you.

You are no longer only committed to coming into one of our brick and mortar locations to drink some local beers, and throw some axes with your friends! Now you have an option to come check us out with our moving target finding a new home in a new location, all of the time!

Check out this link to see where we are posted up and ready for you to let the axes fly.

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Axe Throwing > Team Building

The office water cooler chit chat just got a little bit more exciting. Bob from accounting is now the most popular member of the team due to his performance in our axe throwing tournament. Carrol from HR is 3 inches taller because of the Axe Throwing Champion title she now holds.

This isn’t a company retreat with a keynote speaker. This is an opportunity for your company to create a memory that will bring their team closer together, increase profits, and some say expand into new markets.

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